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Your Kind Remarks

Frank D. – I've already bookmarked you at work, and will add you at home. You already had me laughing so hard at work that I am going to have to be careful about my underwear.

E-ski – Make sure not to run over any Jackalopes while traversing Montana and Wyoming. If you do happen to flatten one, I could use the horns and bunny tail for my apothecary business.

Becky – I have a suggestion for Day…7 was it? 4? 17? Anyway, the MI route. Skip Flint. I'm begging you, SKIP FLINT! Nothing to see up there, folks. Instead, head to London ON by way of Detroit and Windsor ON. You can choose either a tunnel or bridge to get to Canada, and Windsor is full of 19 year old Americans getting wasted! Way more fun than looking down the barrel of a gun.

If you want to avoid Chicago traffic, you can also take the ferry across Lake Michigan from Milwaukee (or near there) to Muskegon (or near there.) Actually the Lake's probably still frozen over. So you could just drive right over it! Anyway, just something you might want to check out.

Two Geeks – Flint is history. WE WILL BE SKIPPING FLINT! It's a shame. Poor Flint will miss us dearly. As for the ferry across Lake Michigan, that was in the original plans. But it doesn't operate during our planned arrival there. And since global warming has prevented Lake Michigan from freezing we will be taking a southerly route.

Joe K. – LOL nice website man. I can't believe you purchased a domain to document your trip :P Looks nice tho. Wish I could come along.

Lisa – I'm going to donate, but I'd also like to sponsor something as I've done in the past. This trip, I'm thinking music might be good. I'll create a playlist for you so you can dance in your seat and delay swamp butt setting in.

Two Geeks – Awesome! Thanks for that. We can't wait to hear it. Anything that will delay the onset of swamp butt is welcome.

Mikey – Dudes, what's up geeks…You guys should at least have a close encounter of a geeky kind and take another detour in WY and at least see devil's tower national park…it only looks like a few extra miles! Heck, I hear Sturgis is near there too! Otherwise Have FUN!!!

Two Geeks – Nice catch! We have added Devils Tower National Monument to the route. Sturgis doesn't get popular until August, so we may or may not drive through there.

PC BOB – Kudos on the great site! Nicely done, and we'll be looking for the hourly updates (alright twice a day). Mighty aggressive to do 3500 miles in six days. Why not drag your feet a bit, do it in 8-10 and really enjoy yourselves. See America like it should be seen. If I didn't have a job with limited time off-very limited-I would love to join the trek. Well, that's my suggestion-slooooow it down!!!. Wives were born to get pissed and sailors are destined to go AWOL. Enjoy!!

Tim C. – Hey! Have fun on the road trip, which is something I have always wanted to do! Make sure to pack an updated iPod, some snacks, and don't forget some napkins/tissues (they come in handy during long trips). Knowing you Matt, you probably have already thought of that. Take care and live it up! Watch out for animals and keep on truckin'!

Tim C. – At the very end of your trip (PA - MD) you might want to look about going south on Interstate 97 (by Baltimore). I didn't look too in-depth about the roads, but if you are going through York, route 97 is a direct shot down to the Balt.-Wash. Parkway or even down to 301 into southern VA. I have no clue if it is faster or gets you closer to his house in VA, but it might be something to consider if he lives south of the Washington beltway. Just some food for thought. Have fun!

Mary K. – First off PCBOB is in trouble for his comments! Second, if you do break down along the way, I have friends in just about all of the states that you are driving through so call me if you're in trouble and I will dispatch search and rescue. I will be giving you a copy of our local Brigantine paper. If you take your picture perhaps at Mt. Rushmore or other notable site holding the Journal, it will be published.

Sharon V. – For all us working fools, we envy your freedom and covet your itinerary…be safe, have fun, and stay in touch with your Mom!! I will be making a donation for your trip as well…spend it foolishly and enjoy!!

Two Geeks – Thanks for the nice donation, Sharon. You rock! We will be following your advice very carefully.

Marie – Neat website! Enjoy your trip!

Tracy L. – So, when you guys return, Jodes and I, and any other mom out of there of small children, should take a trip…however, the trip will be on a plane en route to a warm and tropical destination and the only requirement would be a bathing suit, tanning lotion and drinks with little umbrellas in them. Our route will consist of getting up, walking downstairs to a restaurant and then to the beach. Berty you crack me up as always. Seriously, you two have a great time. Can't wait to read all about it.

Jodes – As the wife of the only married geek on this trip I would like to wish them luck on their trip. However, I would also like to tell all of you crazy commenters out there that there is NO need to make suggestions to this trip that will in any way, shape, or form, alter the duration of said trip. I have drawn up a prenup-like document (only 9 yrs late) and my lawyer assures me this is watertight.

Berty – We have a lawyer? I don't recall signing anything!

Jodes – Bert, I love you. Come home safely, on time, and with presents and we can put this whole mess behind us until your next cockamamie plan. Note to crazy commenters – this is NOT a call to submit future cockamamie plans!

Berty – I love you, too! Note to commenters – submit cockamamie plans! It's great being able to selectively add and respond to comments with no fear of online reprisal, eh? :-)

Tracy – To the wife of the only married man on this trip…hang in there sister. Too bad you do not live closer, hopefully soon…Bert - that doesn't mean that when that day comes you can take a 2-week road trip! LOL.

The Boys – Dear Dad (Bert), We hacked into mom's email account to tell you that she is not kidding. Also, can you bring us back a pony? Love, Beanie & the Dukers

Capt. Kev – Two words. Baby wipes. It's a bath in a portable container. Berty is an old sole especially when he's wearing a hawaiian shirt, sandals, black socks, and plaid shorts. You don't need him smelling like one. Also, portable scrabble.

Berty – Great ideas! I need to go buy some hawaiian shirts and plaid shorts.

Christian – Have fun guys!

Ken – Hey! You're traveling north of me here in Muncie, IN. Too bad you are not crossing the southern part of the state, it's much prettier. When you stop at Niagara Falls, make sure that you see the Canadian side. It's much nicer and more scenic than the U.S. side. Take care!

Two Geeks – You're not going to draw us into the whole “the south of Indiana is much prettier than the north of Indiana” debate, Ken. We're not going to go there (though Berty does agree, having lived near Cincinnati and seen much of the Ohio River valley). We are, however - as you suggested, going to view the Falls from the Canadian side. Thanks for the advice!

Mark – Having flown with Berty for a day, I can attest to his conversational ability to drag this upcoming six day “adventure” into something that seems like four years and at least a couple of months (like on, say, Alcatraz…in the summer…with a totally unsympathetic Crip boyfriend named Alphonse). Good luck and God Speed my friend! I'll keep in touch!

JTL – Thanks for not coming thru Kansas, Harold and Kumar!

Seth – Guys. I am severely depressed that my wife withheld this information about such an awesome trip! Hopefully you will eventually make to to SC to visit us at the beach. In the meantime, I wish you the best in safety and gas prices! Please endulge in plenty of gas staion meals consisiting of beef jerky and sour skittles as we all wish we could.

Bob L. – Don't airline pilots usually like to fly great circle routes?

Berty – If you want the shortest route. It's not about the destination and getting home fast…it's about the journey.

Berty's Mom – Drive safe…watch out for all the other idiot drivers…be sure to drink lots of water (even if you have to take lots of pit stops)…at this point you may wish the trip was over but try to enjoy yourselves anyway…life is too short – time passes by too quickly…don't sweat the small stuff. Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Berty – No worries, Mom. We are having a great time. And we are actually eating real food. Even vegetables! (french fries are vegetables, right?)

Tom F. – Great website and awesome photos! My wife, LuAnne, really liked your Devil's Tower video and the picture of mule deer poop! Sure sounds like it was a fun trip. Thanks for entertaining us for an hour!