The Answer is 42

As of April 24th, 2008, we have received two questions.

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What You Were Wondering

David – What kind of car are you taking? A Chevette would be classic!

Two Geeks – Check out the About page to see a picture of the car. It's a 1998 Toyota Camry. Yes, a Chevette would be classic. Though Berty would much rather being driving his beloved “Bruno,” a 2003 Grand Marquis!

Robin B. – What happened to Indiana? You went directly from Chicago to Ohio…that's not possible, unless the car now flies and your mother said it's blowing blue smoke.

Two Geeks – We did go through Indiana but several of the pictures we took weren't all that fabulous. The “Welcome to Indiana” sign kind of snuck up on us. Berty had put the camera away in anticipation of the next rest stop (which he thought would be Illinois). You cross over into Indiana on this elevated bridge/roadway that goes from Illinois to Indiana. As you're driving along, you don't really think you are going into a new state. There's no real warning for it. Those people desperately longing for a picture can just take one of those farm pictures and pretend it's Indiana. Eastern Indiana and Ohio look very similar. Actually, the “Lots of trucks on I-80/90” picture was probably taken in Indiana and the next photo was probably a farm in Indiana, not Illinois. We were a little lazy with the note taking!