Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Since the trip is over, we are obviously no longer taking any requests. Unless, of course, you would like to lend us a time machine, or a flux capacitor and 1.21 jigawatts.

We received four requests, three of which were accepted. We were unable to perform the requested Chinese Fire Drill. Mattski remarked that it might be offensive and Berty suggested that we call it an Oriental Fire Drill and then Mattski said that that would be even more offensive. So instead we accomplished an American Couch Potato Drill and did nothing.

What You Requested

Sean – I'll donate $–– and you grab me a t-shirt somewhere on your trip. Something that is like five bucks, size med, and than spend the rest on coffee/beer/pitchers for yourselves. And I mean something you know I'd wear. Don't get me a small pink girly shirt that says "hot" across the booooobs written in script or a white undershirt you picked up in walmart in South Dakota and then chuckle by yourself when I realize I've been gypped. If you do that I'll string you up by it and steal your wallet. I'll buy you a real beer when you move down here.

Two Geeks – Deal! You got it. You want a size small, pink, midriff shirt that says, “Mrs. Ashton Kutcher.” We'll get you one!

Kim S. – I will pay you $–– if you do a Chinese Fire Drill at a stoplight in downtown Dubuque in honor of the K–– family. Take photos…I need proof!

Two Geeks – Alas, we will be unable to alter the route to drive through the lovely city of Dubuque for a Chinese fire drill. We are incredibly bummed that we will be unable to honor the K–– family. But you have given us a wonderful idea. Tell you what…we'll give you one of the house, so to speak. We will endeavor to complete said Chinese fire drill, but it will take place in the city of our choosing. And it will be free of charge! As for proof, a Chinese fire drill needs a little more than photos for documentation. There will be video.

Sean – I have another request. Wear as much Penn State gear as you can as you drive through Ann Arbor. Really ham it up and here is a suggested cheer from our days at PSU to yell out of your open windows:



Two Geeks – Oh, we get it! You want us to die! Well, uhhh, we think that we might just have to be there in spirit and not really do this. You know, those Michigan fans are a little fanatic…

Amy F. – Berty, wow, this trip and web site are wicked awesome! I mean, menthol. Jo told me about your trip today and I have a request! I'd like to make a donation of $–– toward one (or both!) of two options (your choice):

  1. While driving through Washington, stop at Willi's Sausage Haus und Euro Markt in the Alpenhof Mall at 217 Ninth Street, Leavenworth, WA, and do the following: (a) buy and eat a sandwich involving some sort of German meat, like a brat or liverwurst, and (b) take a picture of yourselves with one of the frauleins who work there dressed in German attire OR
  2. Take a slight detour as you drive through PA to have a burger and shake at Baby's Burgers & Shakes right off PSU's main campus, 131 South Garner St, State College, PA, and take a picture of yourselves with one of the 50s-themed waitresses who work there. So one of these options is at the start of your trip, and one is at the end -- you can do one, or both or neither. Your choice! (Hope you like meat.) Woo hoo! Good luck and happy travels!

Two Geeks – Let us get this straight. You want us to eat burgers and pose with pretty woman? And you are going to give us money for that? DEAL! Unfortunately the route has changed and we will not be driving near Leavenworth. But we should be able to do the State College thang!