Mile 2,845

State College

Baby's Burgers & Shakes

Berty and Mattski pose with a waitress at Baby's Burgers and Shakes

Another slight change to our route. We had originally planned on heading into Canada and then to Niagara Falls. But, hey, we had already seen BIGGER falls in Shoshone, Idaho, so we both decided that the extra time it took, and extra wear and tear it added on the car, wasn't really worth it.

Sorry to all you crazy Canadians, but we are going to have to give you a rain check.

We got an early start on the day and headed toward Mattski's alma mater, Penn State (Don't click on that – that web site totally sucks). Mattski showed me around campus, with stops at the Eric A. Walker Building and the Berkey Creamery where I purchased a gallon of chocolate ice cream (Click on that link – say Yum! for some awesome ice cream).

We hooked up with one of Mattski's old friends, Brandon, and had lunch at Baby's Burgers & Shakes (If you click on that one, you will be treated to some really obnoxious music – turn your speaker volume down).

After the hamburgers and shakes settled in our stomachs, we got in the car and headed for home. Our plan was to make it there as fast as legally possible to relieve my wife of babysitting duties. On the way home we passed by some interesting sites, but didn't stop. We were on strict orders to make it there quickly. In the Photos section of this site you can see some interesting things that most people drive right by—the longest mechanically stabilized earth wall in the United States, and a 25 foot tall Statue of Liberty in the Dauphin Narrows of the Susquehanna River that was originally made of venetian blinds. Cool, huh?

Though this was the shortest drive of our trip, only being 375 miles, it was probably the happiest. I was reunited with my family, and Mattski started a new chapter of his life.


Thank You for Driving With Us

Hey there! Thanks for following us on this trip and paying attention to what we are doing.

We really want to thank everyone who sent us encouragement, as well as those who were nice (and crazy!) enough to send us a donation or a little something to help us with the trip (I'm talking to you, Frank and the gang—that Anti Monkey Butt Powder came in handy!).

We really are blessed to have a great bunch of friends and family who wanted to share our little drive across America with us.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to submit them on the Comment page and we'll see if we can get around to answering them.


You Know You Want To

Go ahead and take a look at the venetian blind Statue of Liberty, or the longest mechanically stabilized earth wall in the United States on the Day Six photo page.


To Home

375 Miles

Youngstown, OH, to Sterling, VA

Map of route from Youngstown, OH, to Sterling, VA
  • THE END. We arrive in Sterling at 4:33 pm. Total trip time: 5 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes, and 27 seconds.
  • Day Six – 4:08 pm, We enter Virginia.
  • Day Six – 3:21 pm, We enter Maryland.
  • Day Six – 2:00 pm, We cross the Susquehanna River. We plan on being done in 2 hours.
  • Day Six – 11:45 am, Lunch time at Baby's with Mattski's buddy Brandon.
  • Day Six – 10:34 am, We arrive at Mattski's alma mater: We Are…Penn State.
  • Day Six – 9:30 am, We cross the highest point on I-80 east of the Mississippi. Elevation: 2,250 feet. Big whoop.
  • Day Six – 9:26 am, We see signs: “Buckle Up Next Million Miles.”
  • Day Six – 9:20 am, Entering Chesapeake Bay Watershed in PA.
  • Day Six – 7:36 am, The early morning has impaired the judgment of the Geeks and they decide to play the best of Hall and Oates.
  • Day SIX! – 7:20 am, We get an early start on the day and are off on the final leg of our trip.
  • Day Five – 7:58 pm, The Geeks call it a night and stop in Youngstown, OH.
  • Day Five – 4:15 pm, We enter the fourth state for the day, Ohio. We are now on EDT.
  • Day Five – 12:20 pm, We enter Indiana with very little fanfare. Interesting smell…can't quite place it.
  • Day Five – 12:05 pm, We drive through Chicago on I-90. Traffic not that bad. Mattski's upset with the signage.

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