What the Heck is This?

If you are shocked and appalled we are asking for donations then just skip this page, or at least scroll down to see some mildly humorous suggestions for the amount to donate. We don't really need the money, but we know a few of you that have already offered to buy us a cup of coffee or a pitcher of beer (no, we will not be drinking and driving – that would be stupid!).

So we thought, “Why not stick a page up here for people that have no financial common sense whatsoever and are willing to give us money for a fun trip?!” Feel free to click on the obnoxiously colored “Donate” button on the right to make a donation using PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to donate. That site is secure, nationally recognized, and accepts all major credit cards.

If you know us personally, and would much rather send us money in the mail, or hand it to us (discretely while your spouse isn't looking), feel free to do that as well.

And if you go to the Comment page, you will see that we will take some requests, for a fee. Before you think of donating money to have us do something, check with us to see if we'll accept your request. Once you send money, there's no way for us to give it back.

As always, thanks for your support (we're grateful for the non-financial type of support as well).

Who Should Donate

Seriously, if you don't have any spare money, then we aren't asking for you to dish it out because you know us, or because you feel guilty about enjoying this site and not paying for it (you must be Catholic).

Only give us money if you have some to spare or want us to enjoy the trip even more than we planned because now we have some “found money” that we can spend recklessly. Which we will do. We promise that.

In fact, if you are trying to justify donating, think of the two of us as an economic stimulus package! We will take the money you give us and put it right back into the market place.

Donation Suggestions

You're cool in our book. You have bought us coffee before and you want each of us to get a cup of coffee. We will be drinking lots of coffee and any little bit you want to give us will help.
You know the Geeks will need to relax a little when they stop at night, so you want to buy us each a beer or two. Ohhh yeahhh. That beer is going to taste real good.
You're worried about us staying awake, so you want to give us a little more money for even more coffee. Word. We'll take it. Or maybe you want to buy us a pitcher of beer? Okay. We'll just have to drink it.
Nice. Now we're talking. You know we have enough coffee and beer in us, you would rather that we eat a more nutritious breakfast at a diner. Something more substantial than just fast food.
You realize that $15 isn't going to cut it to pay for breakfast for two geeks. So rather than have Berty eat by himself with Mattski looking at him—starving with no money to pay for his breakfast—you decide to buy us both a nutritious breakfast.
Wow. You're feeling quite generous. We don't know what to say. We are ecstatic thinking that one person would actually want to give us $50.
Huh? Oh, we get it. You're the guy who gives checks to his friends for their wedding and you write “For Sexual Favors” in the memo section at the bottom of the check. Well knock yourself out! Go ahead and give us a weird amount of money. We'll gladly take it.
Holy crap. A Benjamin! You're giving us 100 beans to blow on whatever we want to. We might just buy some new shirts. The ones we are going to wear for this trip will be toast. They will stink so badly that they will get up and walk away on their own.
You do realize that this is real money, right? You're willing to fork over $200? Wow. That's kind of weird. Did you see the links on the right side of this page just under the donate button? Feel free to give us the $200, but you should also give some to a worthy cause as well. I mean, come on now, you got some serious dough you're just throwing around.
You know that Berty wants a Lensbabies 3G for his Nikon and you want to buy it for him. Who are we to prevent you from doing that?
You must be loaded. Why on earth would you give us this much? Are you expecting to see us do something crazy? You don't need to give us that much money.
Now you're just getting silly.
You're Steve Jobs (the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc., for those of you who live under a rock) and you want to buy Berty a 17 inch MacBook Pro.
You're still Steve Jobs and you want to buy BOTH Berty and Mattski a 17 inch MacBook Pro.
You're a little old lady who lives by herself in the midwest. You have no one to give gifts to and you have too much money in the bank that you will never be able to spend during the remaining few years of your life. You feel bad that Mattski's car is going to get trashed doing this drive and you want to buy him a new, fully loaded, 2009 Toyota Camry.
You're officially nuts. You sit in a dark room, barking out commands to anyone listening outside a locked door. You collect your own urine in glass bottles and store them for some unknown reason. You haven't shaved in four years, and are subsisting on Cheez Whiz, peanut butter, and copious amounts of olive loaf. And, inexplicably, you want to buy Berty a 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago.

Worthy Causes

The idea of giving us money might be a little crazy. You might want to donate to a local charity or find one that has a special meaning for you. They need it more than we do.

The following sites (in alphabetical order) may help you find the charity you would rather send your money to: